幸せな労働者は良き労働者なり | A Happy Worker is a Good Worker













English Translation

A happy worker is a good worker

Why work life balance isn’t a thing in Japan yet.
You have to work in order to live not live in order to work.
In Japan nowadays, men keep working extra overtime in order to provide for a family they barely see, and women who finally got more emancipated start giving everything for their careers too.
In Japan, the longer you work the more your work is valued. We say that time is money, but money can’t buy time back.

Having a better work life balance is also a way to increase your productivity, creativity, as we know that human beings have only little ability to stay focused and that idle time is necessary for the brain to form new ideas. Therefore, the more time and the better our work life balance, the better the quality of our work becomes.  

When people who finish their work in time are more valued than people who work long hours, we can switch the focus to efficiency and maybe when Japan will value work quality over work quantity, they can become a happier country.


Wishing you peace, love and happiness
With Gratitude
Dan & Paul

2 thoughts on “幸せな労働者は良き労働者なり | A Happy Worker is a Good Worker

    1. Thank you for your message. Yes its very important to look after self first, and then we can offer more value to others (work or family). Always seeking balance with time, health, work.

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