青は藍より出でて藍より青し One Day The Student Will Surpass The Teacher





English Translation

One day the student will surpass the teacher.

Company A: “The boss wants to increase our profit so he is making all of us work overtime. It’s tough but I really want that bonus so I guess I’ll try my best”

Company B: “Our boss has been giving everything he’s got lately, so everyone is willing to put in a little extra effort.”

Well, would you rather like in company A or B? Company A has a “boss” whereas company B has got a “leader”.

The big difference resides in how the person at the top treats people below them. The boss in company A thinks more about selfish goals and uses people, whereas the boss in company B is setting an example that compels people to follow them.

Someone like the boss of company B is necessary in anyone’s life. It needs not be the boss, but can also be a teacher, a coach, a mentor. It is someone selfless who is ready to give everything for the sake of people around them. Being stimulated to give their best is what makes people grow the most.

The reason is that someone ready to sacrifice themselves for people “below” them will build a relationship of trust and the people following will stop thinking “I must try hard to protect myself from that person” and start thinking instead “I am willing to give everything that I’ve got because that person is having my back”. If you ask students or teams that perform best, most of them would answer “It’s for my teacher” or “I want to make the coach proud”.

Knwoledge, strength, affection, connections, pride, confidence… If you have someone to look up to there’s a lot to gain. But a mentor must always be expecting their students to surpass them one day.

So, you should definitely try to find yourself a mentor… And even try to be one some day.

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